Class 2 assignment

Essay: What do I want to become when I grow up

I am one of the million mundane soul leading an equally mundane life. I work, eat, sleep and do all the chores and even love with an amazing emotionless mechanism that can even put machines to shame. But somewhere within this mechanical heart lies a dream. It maybe an ordinary dream but is driven by extraordinary passion. Indeed , I am passionate about theatre.
I do not have professional experience but an undying ardor. I maybe naive but not feckless.

Somebody told me about how working people can also nurture their theatre aspirations and gave me an email id to contact. I did not waste a minute to write to them. I waited for a reply to realise my dream.

I got an opportunity in rarest of rare case.
I retorted, can you your next little busy this time around!

In more recent opportunity strikes at door & returns dejected instances- I was asked to act like clown for a short film (nothing to act, there!). After jumping high up to Saturn rings, I succumbed to the vicious circle of 'paapi pet ka sawaal'.
I gave in to my boss's demand of being on call for my monotonous job of flashing during election time. Phurt! Phart! Dhadaam! Dhidum...I fell flat on the ground.

Morale of the story: Lizard burns midnight oil and all she does is wave her tail!


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