Who needs... explanations!

"That......Over there!", pointed the conducter to one of the seat that was going to be vacated. Pushing my way through,I assumed; It wouldn't be too bad after dhaula kuan!
the 724 route is generally crowded. I am modest when it comes to grabbing a seat, this implies that I am on feet throughout journey! But that day.... It was bad!

Before I could latch on....I saw a lady, in her 30's, charging towards the now vacated seat. Tiring day at college, eventful drama classes, a persistent headache, those 5 strenuous days of the month in a woman's life and trembling feet could not stop me from offering the seat to her. Though not verbal, my gesture was understood as she sat with a grin, seeming to say thank you, on her otherwise pale face. "aah....",my mind taunted my conscience,"So, the last being of the extinct species of followers of selfless humanism.How are u doing? Must be feeling great after that holy sacrifice...aint yah!"

To that, the conscience didn't answer back. Remarking that it need not explain why it did so. It's just that it wanted to do that! But this time the mind was adamant. "I want to know that if you were damn tired and badly needed to sit, then why did you not listen to me ....u foolish superego!"

Constant nagging could only incite the conscience to snap back "shut up..U duckweed!"
"no no...This time you cant shy away...Tell me...Why?"
It finally reverted back "logic and reasoning are not friends with me".

'Say that again!' My mind burst out laughing


Anonymous said…
good effort... cud've been a lil more weird, thoda aur abstruse. esoteric, perhaps... and it also cud've been lenghtier... i wanted to read more... and i din want to understand as much as i did...
still , a good job... liked the flow of language...

Anonymous said…
hey astha,

good job..article is self explanatory ...human touch n right mix ..

keep it up
Anonymous said…

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