A love letter in vain

I am generally shy. During those times when you think you are bug enough but are actually not, I wrote this letter under a false name as a secret admirer, needless to say all in vain. The young man couldn't decipher the gender of pursuer right.
Also this is my bit to the development & emancipation of idiosyncratic language(Pardon me Sir James)

Hallo dear.
I am not Thiru.
People call me Subtlety. But I guess you don't know me. Or so it seems after I went through your blog planet that you detest me.
I don't want to sleep with you but just that I am not that bad, give me a chance in your expressions!
Alright if you don't want to...
I know you are not even friends with my mate realism but that is okay, most people find surreal sexy so go ahead but remember nobody mourns an escapist's death and to die in peace is bliss.
Making dumb choices at 25 may not hurt now, it will pinch you later.
and yes I know your not interested..but my nationality is Srilankan.

Give peace a chance.
Subtlety or was it Lennon or both!


Mendak said…
bachao bachao.... hahahahahha...

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