That table, Mirinda & after hours!

Come Sunday & Sakshi will fly to Bangalore. In a very lazy world, Tejas will also make her moves to Madhya Pradesh by mid July.Vasundhara & Astha in all fairness will be in the same city & how. I doubt angels came on earth to take away a battered & bruised soul of Michael Jackson. No doubt MJ was a legendary artist. TV fed us MJ when singing Western songs meant energy filled Aaao. However no one can deny his demons. Amidst all this we are bound to look inwards(through writer's eyes) & time for soul searching considering we have a soul, some time & a will.

Sakshi: The sojourn begins July 5 but does not end on my return. Maternal pressure for digging the well will gain momentum. Only to be followed by sermons taking a leaf from the title of a Vikram Seth novel. Warning of GMS!(Get Married Soon). Paid slavery situation is not as bleak as the world says it is. Recession is for the rich, swine flu for richer. Advertising will always be lucrative. Fooling others to make money is considered art since time immemorial. Please, parking the car is my favourite job & I am a professional at it.

Tejas: I am most stable with discontent out of the 4. Management is my new persuasion & persuasion is management. I can predict that I am going to remain highly unpredictable. Dancing remains my first love, toiling new opportunities comes second. I never plan future but that doesn't mean I don't think about it. Absolute 100% risk in trying out central India but my convictions are my best advisors. I know what I really want, trust me. Okay, I know what I want - more than what you guys know - what you want or what I want! Shut up. MJ I'll miss you the most.

Vasundhara: Can you please make my copy error free, font Arial, size 12 please. I have a superwoman poster in my bedroom. McDonald's tag line sums it up for me. I am living life to fullest for the moment. My dreams have taken a different course & my life has taken a new meaning. In all earnesty I am trying not to dishonour my blood motive. My favourite phrase is - Count your chickens before they hatch. I have a doting boyfriend. I have friends only they never call. I am a planner. I have a special section in the grey matter for - things to do in near future. I prioritise. I reason. I,i, i, i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i. Purple rain on my walls.

P.S: Vasundhara's boyfriend turns out not-so doting! Moves out of live-in, calls the inventor of theories on pragmatism - immature! GULP

Astha: I am suffering from a lull in my career, after scaling mount K2 in the length & breadth of my profile. There is stagnancy. No one is moving nowhere. Pace of news also has been giving sense of competition to a rickshaw wallah. I feel an urge to talk but the will is shot dead. I pick up the phone but the line refuses to connect. I am desperate & overconfident of FTII adventure. I am thrilled by my parents' enthusiasm for my dreams which is a breath of fresh air in my life. I inspired Bob Dylan to hum - The times they are a changing

High on orange colour aerated drink


aayan said…
After Child Bear what's next ?

Whine Shaap ?
Mendak said…
Wow! we've come a laang way baybee... or have we?? :P

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