Missing: Sense of & for humour

I declare that my sense of & and for humour is finally missing. I presume such a development is an everyday affair for a country in abundance of such senses. I do regret to announce however, that it is not a sudden occurrence. I suspect it is has elapsed over a period of time, perhaps like BJP's vision

One day I woke up to see MJ dead, I didn't think it was funny. Next day I wake up to see MJ's ghost, I still thought it wasn't funny, third day I woke up to see that MJ isn't dead at all - I thought that was in bad taste.
But when I heard Zardari has banned jokes on ministers I walked up straight to the cop to file a missing complaint. Cop said "Madam, hua ke, khoya ke hai apka?" I responded "Sense of humour", Cop cut me short "Madam ghar jao, milega to phone karenge"
The Willy Wonka cop suggests it is good riddance.

Some time back I used to laugh at jokes, no-jokes; I laughed at anything & everything for being things.
Back in those days politics, cinema, literature, sex, career was all a thing. So I laughed at people, things; people & things laughed back at me, with me- those were funny times.

I suspect now I see things as things. I don't think certain things are funny & I certainly don't think everything is funny. Maybe the times aren't funny, or maybe I have lost my sense of humour.

Maybe I don't really want it back, maybe I just wish it was back. Maybe I am hoping against hope, maybe I hope it never comes back. Maybe I am thinking too much.

PS: I am thinking to believe hope is also going to estrange me.


saurabh agg said…
o o o oh!!!!
d more i learn, d more i get lost :)-anonymous.
dere is a huge huge void in market for authors/ so called desh-nikala insane personalities like u.

loved dis one <3 keep writing/ expressing ur eccentricities .

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