Brian and Stewie on Oscars 2013

All characters fictional. Any resemblance purely co-incidental. Yawn.

Brian: Hey Stewie did you see Lady Obama looking all pristine announcing the Best Film winner at the Academy Awards tonight.
Stewie: Pristine, that a tough word. I feel like I have heard it before.. PRISTINE. PRISTINE. PRISTINE Like ah more like ah …LIKE..6’1..ah.. dark hair..ah…pout ah…loose sweater..ah.Bangkok..ah..Adam’s Apple..OH. NO. Never heard that gender blind word before.

Brian: Lady Obama announced ARGO as the best film from the White House via video Conferencing. WOW. New low in American clap dance routine they insist on calling patriotism.
Stewie. Did anyone notice the subtitles as Lady Obama announced the winner? No. Anyone..No..of course not, they were in Persian only meant for Iranians and Kathryn Bigelow. Rupert got them decoded for me. It reads. ARGO. FUCK YOURSELF. Get it? Get it? Get it? Hahhaa.

Stewie: Oh God I am so funny and free of any prejudice. Any prejudice. All prejudice. Gender prejudice. Yellow people prejudice. Oh Pristine.
Brian: Hahahha. Oh stop. Oh God you are so original and funny and so homo friendly unlike Seth Macfarlane. What was wrong with him? He was so sexist. Did you hear that Rihanna-Chris Brown Joke. Below the belt, wasn’t it? Oh oh and what about that Chicago worship to make the show gay friendly. Did you get the innuendo? How stereotypical.

Brian: I wonder why, must he use cheap R rated humour as a defense mechanism for his subconscious. I mean look at him. It isn’t like he created any shoddy Simpson rip off show with a gay 1-yr-old with matricidal tendencies who dreams of world domination and who is in love with his teddy bear or whatever. He should cut himself some slack.
Stewie: I hate you Brian and I am not in love with Rupert. Rupert’s in love with me.

Brian: Pataytoes. Pataatoes.

Stewie: Argo. Fuck Yourself. Oh Brian look bones.
Brian: Where where where…(spinning round in circles)


विलोम said…
All I can say to Stewie is that Pristines may come and go, but "Bird's the word!" :P surfinnn bird :P
Astha Rawt said…
Hahhahaha. Bird eh!

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