Death Of A Ghost

Not A Film Review. 

Today I learnt how urbanisation is leading to an unprecedented disillusionment among the ghost community. Also that ghosts can time travel, have the IQ of a 2 year old and more importantly they can be reincarnated as themselves without dying. Among other things, pie isn't good for those in mourning and that ghosts can harbour minority prejudices as a Mexican family pissed the ghost way more than a random and deliberately ugly guy doling out an ill nuanced theory of everything rant. This film is a passionate cry for help as the ghost is unaware that he needs to attain freedom which will come only through some sort of magic words. Casey Affleck's sheet has 'pulled off' a tremendous act. I am kidding. The sheet stays on. Forever. It does come in slight variations though. The neighbour ghost has a printed one. It could have been a short film if the ghost was half as smart as a 5 year old. But nonetheless, the resilience of the ghost is remarkable except when it tries to commit suicide. You feel the pain of the ghost as a metaphor of life's banalities and insignificance ala total perspective vortex and yet you leave the film with a sense of, if I ever become a ghost, wait what? No thank you. 

I'd say it is a long night whether you are living or dead so best to pick up a hobby dear ghost. 


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