P&G were not at a bar.

Definitely not.

P while smoking: What are you thinking? 
G: Nothing.

P: Okay. 

P: Do you enjoy being in pain and not sharing it?

G: Phrrr. No, firmly. (Trying hard to hide his bleeding blue heart partially visible through his jumper.)

P: Okay.

G: Okay.

P: I just want to say, your suffering is not a proof of your authenticity or your character. You are better than that.

G: (Aggressive eye roll, the one you do to hide the feeling when someone reads you - bang on.) I knew that

P: Okay. 

G: Okay.

P: Would you like a smoke?

G: No

P: You sure?

G: Yes, I am on this new diet, mild pause, PURE AIR - something my wife and I have been doing for a year now. 
(Silent long pause of P&G - Dolly out from the two of them to show a really cramped building exterior (meant only for smokers and people  and some baboons with beeddies are cramped into this hole in a corporate wall – all smoking different kinds of things. Pipes, Ciggies, incense sticks. ) 
G: I better go..

P: Okay……(shruggingly, in the farcical way when you want to show that you don’t care but you do, with all your heart, you do. Stay, just one more minute you want to scream but you just shrug. Simply.)
(As G moves out, he has to make his way out nonchalantly, stepping onto people busy smoking and pushing people away. Wow, Everyone is really smoking, what’s that, is one of them smoking a small tree? His legs barely clinging to the balcony railing, dragging a branch of the tree from a lower floor and motioning it back and forth to match the rhythms of the puffed clouds.) P is still smoking, alone, instead of a ciggie, her right side of the face is melting with each drag. She knows her left side is too precious, even for him. 


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