Leonard Cohen's Suzanne is the working class' Sisyphus-rolling-down-the-boulder-moment. Director Oliver Laxe adds to the song's philosophy through his visuals  - a Doestoveskian cow; empty and vast echoes of the valleys of Galicia and imminent hopelessness of a shy couple exchanging glances. I am usually perplexed and later fascinated how creators know, to set in motion - a refreshingly new synapse in a stranger's brain and leave behind something, which can be best described as a familiar imagination. In that moment, this dance of new and familiar, in tandem, produces the lone dropper - the solitary tear. Which of course, sinks beneath our wisdom like a stone.

Fire Will Come is a film by French-Spanish director Oliver Laxe.
Fan artwork below is by me
Cover image of burning forest anime image is off the internet - if you know the source do let me know.  

The Youtube trailer link of FIRE WILL COME


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