We, the spookless

 So, I was sitting on my bed. I mostly use my couch for sleeping. It started long ago when my girlfriend dumped me for a raven. Long story for another day. So as I was sitting, on the bed, the Air Con got switched on, by itself. The remote was next to the bed on the side table. Nothing or no one touched it. So I concluded, obviously this house is haunted by spirits who are getting tormented in the hell’s fire and are using our super cooling AC as a respite. Which I would happily indulge in but there’s a BUT. 

Resources are limited and I will not pay bills for beings who cease to exist, on principle. At the end, it all boils down to money for me. And equitable distribution of resources. And Greta guilt of Global Warming. This middle class apathy will be your death, a ghost whispered in my ear. Oh and a bloody note was left by those spirits on my wall in Korean. I never take any ghosts seriously if they aren't Japanese, but it read...

roughly translates to...

Oh wait, bad handwriting. It just said, "We will come again. Prepare to get flaunted." Oh my god, I wish they left me a rough ETA, I want to call in sick that date. Wouldn’t miss this drama for sure. 

But no, what really spooks the middle class of our country. Nothing. We are absolutely gay for ethnic/religion based genocide. But what does really spook the Indian middle class. Nothing. Mob lynchings are our stand up acts. No but really, what will be the final straw for the Indian middle class. Not rapes, definitely not joblessness. Economy - six feet under, meh, nah. Hell we enjoy our samosa stalls by MBA wali, chai tapri by BTech wala. 

The haunting is upon us, but we aren’t going to be spooked. We, the spookless. 

Note: All art is mine, if it offends or translations are wrong, I couldn't be bothered. 


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