We all have our nose, ears & other such bodily organs filled with dirt, ain't we? Come on, Gillu accept it! But in our safe havens read shit ponds, we are very comfortable (indifferent) with the same crap we use to despise a year or two ago.
(Dear readers please follow the following instructions)
FLASHBACK (Teja you too!)
I dare to speak of those who would make a tortoise look like Michael Phelps competing for a gold medal at Olympics. I speak of those who would convincingly garb their indolence into an act of defiance against the orthodox & conformist system (we deserve nothing less than an Oscar for that)
MORE FLASHBACK (Teja, I said you too!)
[Excuse me, I just fell off the chair thinking of ye happier old times]
I dare to speak of those we do not speak of anymore. The 4 inordinately ordinary girls who either came from villages or parks or plates or even worse Maya Land & despite all odds wanted to make it big.
Explainer for latecomers- In order of speech- Gur Gaon, Moti Bagh, Janak Puri, Noida
(So you think I underestimated you Gillu but your past record isn’t too easy to erase)
The Nachaniya, The Muniya , The Nautanki & The just Tanki
Wake up from your slumber & get going.
If you think it’s going to be tough for you Dholu (due to back problem which everyone is aware of) then you are wrong. I am going to take you guys through a journey we often take ( like Rishikesh, Jaipur, Dehradun, Tond’s grandma-granny place & where not!) but not as deliberately & and as metaphorically as we shall do it together today!
Please follow the following
a) Put finger in your nose
b) Bend your finger tip & scrap some of the dirt stuck on inner walls of the nose
c) Ignore the crowd, they will use all means to put you down, distract you but you shall not heed to them
d) Continuing with the scrapping off, churn out the balls from the nose factory
e) Throw the hand grenades here & there
Mission successful!!
Dirt right out of your body! If you feel better in your nose, call Baba Tondeshwar for instant relief for rest of your soul.
Contribute with story ideas to cleanse your soul
Address your criticism, sarcasm to
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That’s it yo!


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