Work is worship & that sort of Jazz....

8: am - Thank you Note to Piyush
The trip to Lajpat Nagar for a film was although not something great to write about, but it did made me think on certain aspects of my life. Meet`ing trangenders, cross-dressers moved me to think on identity issues. I was feeling out of place initially & only later did I realise my shortcoming of living in a closed world. I want to meet more people who are not anything like me or my peer group & to open the doors of my world, conscience & soul.

8:45 am - Fun trivia email to Sakshi - byproduct of day dreaming
Interestingly all promising film-makers have Bihar, UP , Delhi connections
Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj, Navdeep - manorma fame, Dibaker Banerjee, this new guy who's made ishqiya - Choubey
Only increases our chances!

9 am : Laugh riot - Bolo Rakhi maiya ki jai!

1. 'Jab Eelesh mujhe BITCH pe le jaate hain to bahut mazaa aata hai'

2. 'Eelesh ki behen kitni padhi likhin hain , THE GRADUATE hain'

3. 'Main roz roti hun - ye swayamvar karwa ke pachta rahi hun , IS MY FOLT?'

4. 'Jab Manoj Tiwari ne mujhse dhokha diya, mera dil tut gaya - ITS HURTS'

5. 'Unke chune se mujhe koi FILLING nahin aati'

Maar hi daaloge!

10 am
BHAWANI SHANKAR walks in - talking on phone - office on alert - he is smiling - rare!
I pretend to work

11 am: Checking out trailer of NEW YORK I LOVE YOU on Passion For Cinema
Waiting badly for the film.....

11:30 am: Time for a break
12 noon: Lessons on Reiki as immediate boss arrives
1 pm: Lunch Time
1:30 pm: Lunch time extended
2 pm: Half an hour to go for chutti
2:45 pm: 15 minutes more.....14..........13....
3 pm: Laborious day at CNN-IBN ends!
How I wish!


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