As Omkara's promos hit air, my excitement reached Saturn rings - that memory without fail is pinned crystal clear (with footnotes) in my grey cells. Irfan fainting in Maqbool has retained its shock value even today. I fell in love with Pankaj Kapur as the grey shopkeeper in Blue Umbrella.

And before I was decked up to meet Bhardwaj in Kaminey, I was introduced to Ishqiya - what a promising trailer! I waited for Kaminey's release like a virgin bride for her night and on the big screen boy it was another level of excitement %#@! Please go & watch Kaminey - it will assure smart cinema works


Anonymous said…
Beat this, 2 guys were talking of Kaminey, "how can they waste a heroine like Priyanka Chopra, she was looking like a maid- no make up, shabby clothes"
Sugandha said…
Kaminapanti we learn from this piece of art
1. Whole new dimension to Spiderman jingle
2. How to get double payment for same info
3. Bengalis emerge as undisputed crazy gangsters
4. Dhishkaiun Dhiskaiun game with your siblings can turn fatal
5. Better get a polytechnic diploma for a sure shot foreign trip

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