My 10 hours in CNN-IBN are fun-filled thanks to my boss Nandini

Nandini is an octogenarian working with CNN-IBN for last 50 years.
She is a she. She is a gentle-woman. She rarely screams only yells.
She has a lovely wig of salt & pepper colour. She is a poor girl.
She gets all her leftover clothes from one guy called Masters (of 'Reiki' gunj)

She is paid only over a lakh for her job. She comes to office
very early at 12:30 pm & leaves late in the evening by 6:30 pm
She rarely moves as she is busy chanting reiki mantras
She never says no (to smoking). She is very helpful. You & me will send
Postcards if on a vacation but she is different. She will send healing.
This diwali, I asked her for a bonus to buy new clothes for my 3 kids,
She couldn’t say no & so she sent lots of healing that my kids wore.
She is a lovely sole. She is very wary of Karma. She likes Karma very
much & keeps telling us also to have good Karma but Karma ignores us as
he is always busy with his shows.

Nandini loves ladies finger. She has ladies fingers everyday.
Nandini doesn’t know Heath Ledger. When Khumpila was crying on his death,
Nandini couldn’t share her sorrow & so couldn’t send healing too.
Nandini thinks marking attendance by finger is
Qaeda’s strategy to spread Jihad, so she never marks her attendance.
We all like Nandini. She is a rockstar only she thinks buying new clothes,
shoes is a big sin and will land you in hell. She never exceeds speed of –200 km/hr
while walking. She thinks burgers & pizzas at last supper killed Jesus
]so she never eats that & doesn’t let us eat that too.

You rock Nandini


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